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As a WordPress developer with over a decade and a half of experience, I offer a diverse set of skills that can elevate the online presence of your Tamarack business to new heights.

My expertise includes developing custom websites tailored to your specific industry and needs, optimizing content and site speed for search engines, simplifying complex problems with solutions, migrating hosting and domains, and integrating APIs and functionality features.

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Customer Reviews for Tamarack, NY Web Dev Services

I relied on him for both emergency errors, as well as website improvements and tips on SEO. I would recommend him to anyone else who needs web technical help.

Web development review from Nancy Ozawa for Tony Ciccarone

Nancy Ozawa

Tony works with speed and precision and has the ability to identify your needs even when you don't communicate them fully.

Web development review from Mark Flavin for Tony Ciccarone

Mark Flavin

His cross functional relationships with different groups within the company were exceptional People simply enjoy working with a "glass if half full" kind of person. 

Web development review from David Callisch for Tony Ciccarone

David Callisch

He's a personable individual who has great communication skills and seamlessly interacts with marketers, clients, and decision-makers alike.

Web development review from Sarah Weesner for Tony Ciccarone

Sarah Weesner

He has consistently been rock solid reliable, responsive, effective, and advanced in his web development skills

Web development review from Eric Kelly for Tony Ciccarone

Eric Kelly

Tony is great to work with. He is very responsive and his work is top notch!

Web development review from Paul Estes for Tony Ciccarone

Paul Estes

Tony is very skilled and great to work with. He hits deadlines and communicates clearly. I highly recommend working with Tony.

Web development review from Mike Grossman for Tony Ciccarone

Mike Grossman

Very trustworthy and responsive guy, we’re always very happy with the work he delivers!

Web development review from Semper Home Loans for Tony Ciccarone

Semper Home Loans

Recent Development Projects

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Website development for Kristina Crestin Design
Website development for Semper Home Loans
Website development for SUNY – 518 College Connect
Website development for 518 Powerup
Website development for Coridea
Website development for RenalGuard
Website development for Avalon Med Spa
Website development for TrustYou

On-demand Development in Tamarack

$85/ hour
  • Bugfixes & Website Issues
  • Server & Domain Migrations
  • Mobile & Tablet Responsiveness
  • Pagespeed Optimizations
  • Plugin & Theme Bugfixes

Web Development & Design in Tamarack

$3,500 and up *
  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Pre-Purchased Theme Development
  • Static HTML Site Development
  • PHP and JS Development
  • Full Website Deployments

* While time to time there are some projects that fall under $3,500 – most full website development projects tend to be above. If budget is an issue, I understand and don’t mind giving you suggestions on moving forward using other affordable solutions in Tamarack or elsewhere.